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Enirgo is a trademark of Matoran Holdings Ltd.  Matoran is a major player in the European web shop segment, with several online shops focusing on mobile batteries, digital conversion and general electronic retail. 

So what makes us different from other web shops?  The simple answer is "everything".  By both designing, manufacturing and retailing our products we are able to keep costs at a minimum and offer extremely competitive prices.  Most products available in European stores have passed through different manufacturers, importers and wholesalers.  We, however, control the whole chain from production to retail.  We lease long term production capacity in China, do our own import and control our own warehouses.  This means no costly middle men who wants to make a profit on your expense.  That is why our prices are lower.  It really is that simple.

Legal information

Enirgo is a trademark for Matoran Holdings Ltd registered in Cyprus with company number HE277775. Matoran produces and retails batteries and energy cells in Asia and Europe.

To contact Matoran, please use the contact us form on these pages.

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If you have used you card on Enirgo or any of Matoran Holding's websites, any purchases will appear on your credit card billing statements as "Matoran".

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